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Losing teeth is never ideal, but sometimes extractions are essential. Over time, extractions may leave patients with few natural teeth. Eventually, these patients need dentures to make up the difference.

Dentures are useful but can be challenging to wear and maintain. Applying the right amount of denture adhesive is tricky, and some adhesives work better than others. Patients using too little adhesive are at risk of the dentures slipping and falling out.

Too much adhesive can lead to discomfort or a poor fit. Food may get in between the gaps and cause more trouble.

Cleaning the dentures is relatively simple but requires removing the dentures daily. This increases the chances of the dentures being dropped and damaged.

What’s the Solution?

 All-on-4 Dental Implants from Wrightsville Dental provides a convenient solution. This minimally invasive procedure uses four implants to support the full arch of replacement teeth. Having fewer implants drastically reduces the healing time and cost of the procedure.

Patients avoid multiple procedures and get a replacement that is the closest thing to real teeth. The implants anchor a set of manufactured teeth. The patient treats these as he would his natural teeth.

This process uses custom-fit technology to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. The teeth fix onto the implants permanently, and patients care for them as they would natural teeth.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Good candidates include those already missing a few teeth, or those who wear dentures. Patients whose jaws don’t have the bone density for a full set of implants will benefit from this treatment.

How Does it Work?

Patients schedule an appointment with Wrightsville Dental to get started. Dr. Gainer will take 3-D digital scans of the jawbone and explain all of the possible options.

These scans create a far more accurate picture of the inside of the mouth than the more traditional dental impression and X-ray method. X-rays, for example, may miss important details about where the nerve endings are.

The scan allows the computer to build an accurate model of the inside of your mouth. Dr. Gainer will then digitally place the implants. This process takes the guesswork out of the optimal placement of the pins.

The computer will then create a model of your mouth that includes the pins and the new teeth. Dr. James Gainer uses this information to create a custom set of teeth that fits perfectly. From there, it’s simple to place the implants.

Placing the implants requires surgery under an anesthetic, but the recovery times are relatively fast. Once the area heals and the bone knits around the teeth, Dr. Gainer places the new teeth.

Would You Like a Minimally Invasive Alternative to Individual Implants?

Don’t battle with denture maintenance any longer. Schedule your consultation with Wrightsville Dental today and say goodbye to messy denture adhesive, embarrassing slips, and discomfort for good.

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