COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Precautions
Your Safety is Our Priority

At Wrightsville Dental, our #1 priority has always been and will always be the health & safety of our patients. 

We have now invested in medical-grade air purifiers in the office that continuously purify and remove aerosols, including viral particles. This helps stop the spread of airborne pollutants and, in conjunction with our standard excellence in protective hygiene, helps prevent the spread of unwanted particles.

This advanced filtration technology is able to filter dangerous ultrafine particles all the way down to 0.003 microns – that’s ten times smaller than a virus and 100 times smaller than a normal HEPA filter. 

We are also now utilizing an advanced extraoral dental suction system during patient procedures. This hose-like device provide powerful removal of aerosols produced during a visit by pulling the aerosols through a two-stage HEPA filtration system before releasing sanitized air. To learn more about our new extraoral suction system, please view the video below.


As always, we prioritize the safety of our patients and will stay at the forefront of safe and healthy visits. Please reach out to our office with any questions about our preventative measures, and we look forward to seeing you at your next appointment. 

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