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Digital Dentures in Wilmington, NC


What Are Digital Dentures?

Patients seeking dentures in Wilmington, NC, should look no further than Wrightsville Dental. The team of Wrightsville Dental professionals uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce accurate and comfortable dentures for patients who need them.

Digital dentures are the newest way to provide well-fitted tooth replacements for patients. Using computer-assisted engineering, denturists can make virtual designs and modifications for a patient’s denture setup. Before this technology, the fitting process was much longer and involved shaving down the dentures to fit a person’s mouth.

On a patient’s first appointment, the dentist will take a patient’s bite registration and dental impressions and scan this information into the computer, which sends it to the dental lab. The lab technicians will begin to create a digital version of the dentures that will fit the patient according to the impressions.

The dentist reviews the model, making any changes necessary for the patient’s comfort before signing off on the digital set of dentures. Once the dentist gives the final word, the lab begins manufacturing the denture.

Once the lab completes the manufacturing process, the patient will return to the office to receive the new custom-made dentures. After only two visits to the office, patients can have a smile that is sure to return their confidence while also regaining better speech articulation and the ability to chew.

Digital dentures make the process of denture fitting easy for all patients.


Advantages Over Traditional Dentures

Digital dentures have many advantages over traditional dentures. The first advantage is the ability for much quicker manufacturing.

Since denturists create digital dentures virtually, using specialized computer design software, this procedure creates a higher level of accuracy. As a result,  fitting the dentures into patients’ mouths has become much easier.

This ease of fitting means that the dentures can get to patients much faster and require fewer visits to the office. Additionally, with the higher level of accuracy of the machines that denturists use to create dentures digitally, the dentures will likely be more comfortable for the patient to wear than traditional dentures.

With this additional comfort, the dentures also add structural support for the patient’s mouth and jaw. Since digital dentures are custom-made to fit precisely the way teeth should be inside of each patient’s mouth, they significantly reduce the risk of jaw imbalance or misalignment caused by inaccuracies.

Finally, denturists make digital dentures from a hard resin, unlike the flesh-colored acrylic base common with traditional dentures. When the resin cures over time and hardens into the form of the patient’s new teeth, it will not ever distort or warp in shape. This firmness adds an additional layer to the structure of digital dentures and provides more peace of mind for patients that their dentures will not cause them trouble.

Patients looking for the perfect set of dentures in Wilmington, NC, can contact the professionals at Wrightsville Dental. At Wrightsville Dental, patients will have access to the most contemporary dental technologies, giving them a smile that will last a lifetime.

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