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As a viable alternative to conventional metal braces, Invisalign™ straightens teeth in more patient-controlled manner. That’s because these invisible aligners give wearers more freedom than traditional metal braces. But with more freedom comes more responsibility. Take a look at why so many people are comfortable taking a more active role in their orthodontic treatment and equip yourself with the info needed to help you decide whether it’s time to take the next step.

Why So Many People Wear Invisalign

Just your dentist or orthodontist can answer definitively, whether you should go with braces or Invisalign invisible aligners. But here are conditions Invisalign is commonly used to treat:

Gaps – excess space between teeth

Overbite – where the upper tooth bite over the lower tooth

Crossbite – where the teeth are misaligned laterally
Crowding – teeth not spaced far enough apart

Underbite – the lower teeth protrude out across the top tooth

Why So Many People Love Invisalign
Invisalign works in the same way as conventional braces, by delivery a constant, yet gentle, force on the teeth so as to progressively move them into the desired position.

You change your trays about every 14 days and you commit to wearing them at least 20 hours each day in order to get the maximum results in the shortest period of time. The average treatment time is one year, though simpler problems can be fixed in a much shorter time.

Beyond the various alignment conditions Invisalign treats, it’s how it treats those conditions that help people settle on invisible aligners over traditional metal braces. Because Invisalign aligner trays are clear, the system is much more discrete than conventional braces.

Many users like invisible aligners because the devices are removable, making it easier to drink and eat and keep them clean. Patients also prefer the convenience of having the capacity to remove them for significant events like movies, speaking engagements or formal events.

Where So Many People Get Invisalign Treatment

During your consultation for Invisalign in Wilmington NC, you and your orthodontist will go over goals and expectations you have for your treatment plan. You’ll even get to see what your teeth will look like at the end of treatment.

Get your first look at your new smile. Schedule a consultation for Invisalign in Wilmington NC.

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