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Invisalign Wilmington NC

Your Dream Smile With Invisible Braces

Dr. James Gainer has been a preferred provider of Invisalign in Wilmington, NC, for 10 years. He has helped countless patients achieve their dream smile with this custom orthodontic solution, a clear alternative to metal braces and surgery. If you want straighter teeth and a more attractive smile, talk to Dr. Gainer about the benefits of invisible braces.

About Invisalign®

Invisalign is a discreet and effective way to straighten the teeth. If you are self-conscious about having crooked teeth or just want to enhance your smile without metal wires and brackets, Invisalign may be right for you. This is a custom orthodontic solution that can straighten your teeth permanently. It works by applying light force to the teeth to gently shift the teeth into a more appropriate position. You are monitored by Dr. Gainer throughout treatment, and everything is customized for the patient to ensure optimal results.

Why Invisalign?

Patients seeking Invisalign for tooth straightening and alignment can rely on our highly-rated dental clinic in Wilmington NC for a fast alternative to traditional orthodontics. Unlike metal dental braces, Invisalign is a transparent tooth alignment system that is almost undetectable to others. Patients who desire a straighter smile but have reservations when it comes to metal braces may want to consider Invisalign.

Many patients prefer Invisalign to traditional braces because they can remove Invisalign aligners for flossing, brushing, and special occasions when they want to be braces-free. Best of all, patients will have fewer restrictions while using Invisalign as compared to metal braces.

Moreover, Invisalign aligners are easy to clean and gentle on the mouth. They can also be less painful than braces. The aligners can hold teeth whitening solutions, making them doubly effective for patients who would like to whiten their teeth while straightening them.

The Invisalign Treatment

Straightening patients’ teeth with the Invisalign treatment takes less time than with metal braces. Invisalign can help patients achieve their dream smile in as little as six months, while metal braces can take several years for similar results.

The treatment begins with a consultation to make sure Invisalign is the best treatment for the patient’s needs. If Invisalign is a viable solution, the dentist will make a 3D scan to show the patient how their smile will look after the treatment.

When the dentist installs the first set of clear aligners, they will verify that they fit comfortably and answer any questions that the patient may have about cleaning and caring for the Invisalign set.

As the teeth begin to shift position and draw together, old aligners will no longer fit well and will need replacement with the next set. Just as metal braces need tightening over time as the teeth come together, the Invisalign patient will work through a series of aligners that stay current with the placement of their teeth as the teeth move incrementally into the desired position.

After receiving the first set of Invisalign clear aligners, each patient will need to return to the office to have a new set fitted every two weeks. In the following months, they will be beaming from ear to ear as they show off their new smile.

Who Is Invisalign For?

Invisalign is for anyone who would like a discreet way to straighten their teeth over time. The new system is a recommended alternative to traditional metal braces for those who might feel self-conscious. Invisalign straightens patients’ teeth permanently, just like dental braces, and can even patients results in a shorter time.

Those in Wilmington, NC, who would like to try Invisalign to realign their crooked teeth should contact Wrightsville Dental. The Wrightsville Dental staff can help patients answer any further questions they may have concerning treatment with Invisalign.

Imagining a new smile in as little as six months was formerly impossible, but now, patients who want an aligner that is nearly invisible and most convenient can use Invisalign.

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Benefits of Invisalign®

Invisible braces offer numerous benefits to the patient, including:

Clear Aligners in Wilmington NC

Virtually invisible treatment option

Clear Braces in Wilmington NC

No wires or brackets that irritate the gums

Invisalign WIlmington NC

No risk of mouth sores, tooth decay or discoloration

Invisible Braces Wilmington NC

Smooth and comfortable to wear all day and night

The Benefits of Invisalign

Patients can eat whatever they want

Best Clear Aligners in Wilmington NC

Removable trays for easy flossing and brushing teeth

See Why Our Patients Love Their Teeth!

Undergoing Treatment With Invisalign®

If you decide to undergo treatment with Invisalign, you can look forward to progressive results in as little as a few months. You will come into our office every few weeks to receive a new set of aligner trays since your teeth will keep shifting and moving into their new position. You may only feel some light pressure during the shifting phases and will adjust to wearing the aligners most of the day and night. After your treatment is complete, you will be fitted with a retainer to maintain results.

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