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Wrightsville Dental is The Answer to Durable, Long-Lasting Dental Bridges

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If you have a tooth missing, damaged, or decayed, a dental bridge by Wrightsville Dental is the answer. Dental bridges can restore both the aesthetics and the function of missing or damaged teeth. Wrightsville Dental loves helping patients regain their natural smile.

Dental bridges are a permanent solution, and only a dental surgeon can remove them. Depending on the location of the damaged or missing teeth, your dental habits, and your gum structure, Wrightsville Dental takes the time to figure out the best, long-lasting option for you.

After your first visit, the dentists will do an in-depth examination to establish the health of your teeth. To place dental bridges on your teeth, the dentist will add dental crowns to fill in a gap (left by damaged or missing teeth). The bridges are not only a durable solution, but they are also easy to clean. The doctors will show you how to clean your bridge so it can last for years.

The Types of Dental Bridges You Can Get at Wrightsville Dental

Don’t let damaged or missing teeth get in the way of a beautiful smile. They are false teeth kept in place by dental crowns on each side. You may choose a standard dental bridge, cantilever, or Maryland bridge.

The standard dental bridge is the most common type. To place a standard dental bridge, the dentist will add a crown with one or more pontics. The dentist will attach the crowns securely onto the teeth (next to the damaged or missing teeth) to form a support structure.

The cantilever bridge is similar to the standard type, except that the supportive structure is now on one side. This can cause the bridge to act as a lever, which can lead to additional teeth stress. After some time, the supporting tooth will likely to loosen.

The Maryland bridge is not as strong as the standard one, but it can preserve the structure of the teeth by avoiding the use of dental crowns. It may not stay in place during biting and chewing and will add pressure to healthy teeth.

The Process for Getting a Dental Bridge

During your first visit, the abutment teeth will be ready. Preparation includes re-contouring the abutment teeth by removing enamel to allow space for the dental crown. Next, dentists will prepare impressions of the teeth, which serve as a model for the final bridge design.

The doctors will make a temporary bridge to wear to protect your teeth and gums. Once your dental bridge is ready, the dentists will remove your temporary bridge and place the new one. They will make all necessary adjustments to achieve a proper, comfortable fit.

Get To Know the Expert Wrightsville Dental Team

To learn more about dental bridges, contact Wrightsville Dental for a consultation. During the consultation, you will meet with the team of dental experts to discuss your oral concerns and receive the advice you need to make careful decisions.

The dentists at Wrightsville Dental will educate you on the options and design a custom treatment plan that suits your budget and needs, ensuring you get the best in dental healthcare.

Wrightsville Dental GMB Post Picture
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