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Wilmington, NC. Nov. 6, 2021 – Wrightsville Dental offers quality dental implants to patients in Wilmington, NC, looking for a reliable and long-lasting tooth replacement option. Dr. James Gainer, one of the practice’s implant dentists, has the necessary training and experience to complete the entire procedure in-house, improving the treatment’s efficiency and patient convenience.


What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial roots that provide dentists with a permanent base on which to fix replacement teeth. They are an effective, long-term solution for patients suffering from tooth loss, failing teeth, and other chronic dental issues.


How Do Implants Work?

Dental implants have three parts:

  • The Implant: Titanium posts that act as the root for the patient’s new tooth
  • The Abutment: A permanent but removable connector that holds and supports the replacement tooth
  • The crown: The visible part of the replacement tooth, which is typically made of porcelain to mimic the appearance and functionality of natural teeth
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During the procedure, the dentist fits the implant into the patient’s jaw, leaving it to heal and fuse with the jaw bone. Once the implant heals, the dentist then screws the crown on top.


Types of Dental Implants

Patients in Wilmington, NC, can get different types of implants, depending on the number of teeth they need to replace. Some of the types of dental implants patients can get include:

  • Full Mouth Implants: Full mouth implants replace a patient’s entire upper or lower set of teeth.
  • Multiple Implants: Multiple implants are meant for patients missing more than one tooth but still have healthy surrounding teeth.
  • Single-tooth Implants: Single tooth types of implants replace a single missing tooth.


How to Determine if You Are the Right Candidate for Dental Implants in Wilmington, NC

Dental implants in Wilmington, NC, have become a popular tooth replacement option for patients who meet specific criteria. 

You are the right candidate for an implant if:

  • Your Jawbone Has Reached Full Growth: Dentists can only place implants on full-grown adults.
  • You Have Enough Healthy Bone: Your jaw bone should be able to secure the implant. However, patients could opt for bone grafting procedures.
  • You Do Not Have Conditions That Would Impact Bone Healing: Certain conditions like diabetes, severe anemia, and vitamin D deficiency could impact how your bone heals and hinder the use of implants.
  • You Are Unable to Wear Dentures: If wearing dentures isn’t a viable option, dental implants might better suit you.
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For More Information

Contact Wrightsville Dental at (910) 541-8912 to find out more details about the dental implant services our top-rated dentists can offer Wilmington, NC, patients.

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