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Wrightsville Dental is Proud to Bring Smiles Back with Implant Dentistry

Wilmington NC, Oct 2nd, 2019: Over the years, Wrightsville Dental has brought many new services to their patients. From same-day dental crowns to Invisalign, we are always searching for ways to expand our services along with our expertise. Now, we are proud to announce that we also offer the best options in implant dentistry that allows our patients the option to choose to restore their smile.

Dental implants come in several different types, and we have the model you need to correct your smile. Patients who are missing only one or two teeth may have the option of choosing a single tooth implant to fill in the gap. This type of implant tends to have a fast healing time, and we use anesthesia to keep patients comfortable during the procedure.

We also know that some patients need to have a full arch replaced. These patients may be candidates for a particular type of service called All-on-4 dental implants. With these implants, we can help to take impressions and design the procedure so that our patients receive the most natural-looking smile possible. Once the implants are surgically placed, we can also help with the finishing steps to make sure that they are secure and that our patient’s mouth heals properly.

While we offer other types of tooth replacement options, we find that being able to provide implants gives our patients benefits that were not possible before. Traditional dentures rest upon the gums. They provide slight stimulation to the jawbone, but most patients experience some bone loss with this type of denture. Dental implants, however, have a post that goes directly into the jaw bone. This means that every bite or movement of the patient’s mouth stimulates the bone to maintain its density and strength.

Dental implants also function more like natural teeth. Once we place the post below the gum line, it begins to fuse with the bone. This means that our patients can eat, smile, and usually speak without ever having to worry about the implant coming out of their mouths. Implant dentistry also allows our patients to eat their favorite foods again. The crowns placed on top of the posts are made from durable materials that are made to stand up to the forces that the mouth generates as people eat.

Our implant dentistry service is our go-to choice to save the rest of our patient’s teeth. After a tooth is lost, the jaw bone begins to deteriorate. This can cause the other teeth to become loose, but implants stop that process from happening. We also love knowing that we can give our patients implants that do not require us to treat perfectly healthy teeth, which is sometimes required when we use bridges.

We are also excited to share that our implant services are performed using advanced 3-D technology that ensures that each post is placed in the best part of the jaw to provide the highest level of support for the crown. This same technology is also beneficial for helping our team to let you know if you are a strong candidate for implants with enough bone structure available to expect a successful outcome.

Dr. James Gainer is well-known for being a top-rated implant dentist. While he performs a variety of services at our office, he loves restoring his patient’s smiles to their former beauty with implants. Every visit to our office begins with a full exam that allows us to recommend the treatments that work best for each patient. We love being able to offer the highest quality implants along with the latest technology that gives our patients the best chances for success with their tooth replacement procedure.

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