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CEREC Same-Day Crowns at Wrightsville Dental Offered by Top Wilmington NC Dentist Dr. James Gainer

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A broken or chipped tooth is a painful, embarrassing problem. The time it takes to restore the tooth with a crown has always been much longer than people are willing to wait, but that is not the case in Wilmington NC.

Wrightsville Dental is the area’s leading choice for fast crown service. We offer CEREC Same-Day Crowns, restoring your smile in one visit to the office. This dramatically shortens the length of time that you must deal with a broken or decayed tooth, eliminating the pain, embarrassment, and additional damage that comes with a long wait for repairs.

The entire process is handled in our office in just a few simple steps. First, our staff will prepare the tooth for the crown. This includes removing sharp edges and other flaws that could interfere with the crown’s installation. Next, we’ll take an optical impression of the tooth. These images are transferred into a computer that creates a 3D plan for the crown.

The plan is then run through a milling machine that creates a precision ceramic crown that makes a perfect fit for the damaged tooth. After that, the crown is installed and the patient’s bite is examined for alignment, completing the process.

If you think that CEREC Same-Day Crowns sound like a very advanced procedure, you are right. Not every dental practice in Wilmington NC or anywhere else has the type of staff that we do. It takes advanced training, skills, and equipment to provide this exceptional level of service.

Our team at Wrightsville Dental is led by Dr. James Gainer. He has been practicing dentistry for over 35 years, including eight years here in Wrightsville. He is a graduate of the prestigious University of Maryland School of Dentistry. His leadership has kept our practice on the cutting edge of modern dental care, including the CEREC process.

Also on our staff is Dr. Yulia Paterson. A native of Ukraine, Dr. Paterson emigrated to New York in 1996. She completed her dental education at New York University and practiced in Manhattan before coming to Wilmington in 2011. She is also trained in the use of the popular Invisalign orthodontic systems.

The senior member of our dental staff is Dr. James Overton. His career spans over 45 years, all of it right here in Wilmington. His long tenure provides a unique perspective on how technology has evolved in dentistry, so the transition to digital crown creation has been just one more exciting innovation for him to embrace.

Dr. Adrian LePendu rounds out the staff. He’s a fresh arrival in Wilmington, but this hasn’t been his first relocation. He previously practiced stateside in Colorado, but before that, he has treated the dental needs of the men and women of the United States Navy at bases in Japan, as well as those of impoverished families in Taiwan, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

A damaged tooth needs immediate attention. The staff at Wrightsville Dental can make the process fast and easy for you. Whether your tooth has suffered damage from an injury or is simply in an advanced stage of decay, we can get you back to normal at our office with no temporary fixes, no long delays, and no return trips. Just one visit and one perfectly-fitted crown to restore your dental health.

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