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Patients who have teeth pulled are often unaware of the impact that losing a tooth can have on their smiles. Of course, that’s not the only way to lose teeth, either. Advanced periodontal disease, trauma, and other causes often cause adults to lose teeth. When that happens, the mouth begins to change because of the gap created by missing teeth, and the resulting changes are often permanent. If left for too long, the quality of life issues set in. That’s why Dr. Gainer recommends replacing those teeth right away.

Short and Medium-Term Effects

The most noticeable early effects of tooth loss are all related to the shifting of teeth. Since there is open space in the mouth, the existing teeth will migrate apart slowly as the nearest teeth migrate toward the gap. This can have a ripple effect on several teeth around the site of the missing one, changing one’s smile. These effects can be prevented with prosthetics like dental bridges and dental implants if the treatment is implemented early enough. If the alignment of nearby teeth changes too much, an implant might still be possible, but a change to the smile will permanently occur.

Long-Term Effects

Untreated tooth loss will eventually lead to bone loss around the site of the missing tooth. That makes chewing food even more difficult than it was with the initial gap in the teeth, and it can lead to other issues down the road. Reconstructing a smile that has been affected by these long-term changes becomes very difficult, and many options close off if there has been too much bone loss. Prevent problems with missing teeth by contacting the dentist for an appointment today. Our staff is ready to help you make an appointment for a consultation meeting. At that meeting, Dr. Gainer will review your case and discuss options with you, so you can leave with a plan to take care of your smile.

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