Life with Invisalign: In Love with Your Own Smile

Invisible aligners give wearers more freedom than traditional metal braces. But with more freedom comes more responsibility. Take a look at why so many people are comfortable taking a more active role in their orthodontic treatment and equip yourself with the info needed to help you decide whether it’s time to take the next step.

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Your Dentist Can Catch Oral Cancer Early

During the month of April, you may have seen an influx of red and white awareness ribbons. This is the color of oral cancer awareness, which means springtime is also a great time to get in for your regular visit to your dentist in Wilmington, NC. Oral cancer is pervasive and can ultimately lead to missing teeth and worse, but symptoms can be caught early with regular checkups.

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Celebrate Your Wilmington, NC, Dentist on This National Holiday

March is a great time to schedule a visit to your dentist in Wilmington, NC. Not only is a regular checkup great for your oral health, but March 6 also happens to be National Dentist Day! Dr. James Gainer and the rest of the staff at Wrightsville Dental love this holiday because it helps us to highlight to patients the important work that dentists do all the time. Here are just a few ways dentists like Dr. Gainer are so amazing.

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Get Your Smile Back This New Year

If you are one of the millions of Americans that are missing teeth, you may find it hard to smile when you are in public. Why hold back on one of the best parts of your personality and your face simply because you have lost a tooth or two? At Wrightsville Dental, we are happy to offer our patients an alternative to living with missing teeth.

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It’s Important to Floss Dental implants

If you have dental implants to replace missing teeth, you know what an extremely valuable treatment option they are for those who want a perfect smile. While implants don’t get cavities or suffer from tooth decay, it’s still important that they are cared for properly.

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Dental Implant Home Care Tips

There are numerous advantages to gain with dental implants. You may be glad to have filled in a gap within your smile, but you now have to focus on the immediate aftercare. Our dentist will provide you with more details about how you should care for your smile after the surgery, but here are some quick tips to bear in mind.

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Understanding the Long-Term Effects of Missing Teeth

Patients who have teeth pulled are often unaware of the impact that losing a tooth can have on their smiles. Of course, that’s not the only way to lose teeth, either. Advanced periodontal disease, trauma, and other causes often cause adults to lose teeth. When that happens, the mouth begins to change because of the gap created by missing teeth, and the resulting changes are often permanent. If left for too long, quality of life issues set in. That’s why Dr. Gainer recommends replacing those teeth right away.

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Eat What You Want This Summer With Invisalign

You don't have to hide your teeth behind metal brackets and wires in order to get a straighter smile. Find out how Invisalign could help!

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