Same-Day Dental Crown Services In Wilmington, NC

Looking for a dental crown near Wilmington, NC? Look no further than Wrightsville Dental! Our dental team is proud to invest in the latest dental technologies, including CEREC same-day restorations that allow us to design and place your crown in just one visit.

Wrightsville Dental patient smiling in the mirror after dental crowns helped restore her smileAdvanced CEREC technology allows our skilled team to create lab-quality restorations right here at our practice—no need to wait for weeks for your new crown to arrive!  

What Is A Dental Crown?

At Wrightsville Dental, we provide tooth-colored dental crowns we can customize to match the appearance of your natural teeth. Our range of materials ensures we can find the best option to suit your smile. Whether you need a tooth cap or crown to replace your tooth, our Wilmington, NC dental office is here to help.

Choose our services and enjoy a seamless blend with your pearly whites we offer:

  • All-Porcelain Crowns
  • All-Ceramic Crowns
  • Zirconia Crowns
  • BruxZir Crowns

Is A Dental Crown The Right Choice For Me?

With CAD/CAM technology, dental crowns can be created and placed in a single visit, saving time and eliminating multiple appointments. A digital impression is created with advanced imaging technology and used to design and mill a custom crown, checked for fit, and bonded into place. This approach can prevent the need for temporary crowns and follow-up appointments. Dental crowns are a long-lasting solution for restoring teeth, and most patients are excellent candidates for the treatment. 

dental crowns helped restore this patient's smileWhen you visit Wrightsville Dental for a dental crown, our team will assist with any of the following: 

  • Examination of teeth for crown treatment
  • Removal of weakened, decayed, or broken/cracked tooth
  • Creation of restoration based on the 3D model
  • Milling of crown from tooth-colored material
  • Damaged loose crown
  • After root canal therapy
  • Dental bridges that need anchoring
  • Misshapen or discolored tooth (cosmetic purposes)
  • Sealing a dental implant

Revive Your Smile in One Dentist Appointment 

Do you need a new, permanent dental crown? Get your new restoration in a single visit, with CEREC crowns at Wrightsville Dental! Contact us today to learn more about same-day dental restorations. 

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