Oral Surgery in Wilmington, NC

At Wrightsville Dental, patients can access a comprehensive range of oral surgery procedures provided by our experienced team in Wilmington, NC. Our dentists take a personalized approach to ensure that patients receive comfortable, effective treatment from start to finish. 

Wrightsville Dental patient smiling after their dental procedureAt Wrightsville Dental, our oral surgery selection includes dental implants, bone grafting, gentle wisdom tooth removal, jaw surgery, and tooth extractions. Oral surgery aims to enhance the function, health, and appearance of the smile, while providing the most conservative, comfortable treatment possible.  

Dental Implant Placement

Missing teeth? Trust Dr. Gainer for permanent tooth restoration with dental implants. Our dental implants provide natural-looking and long-lasting results using titanium posts that support luminous crown restorations. With no dietary restrictions and a lifetime of durability, dental implants can transform your smile. Thanks to advanced guided implant technology, our dentists can place your nrew dental implants with the ultimate precision! 

Bone Grafting

Bone graft surgery is performed to increase jaw bone density or improve the chances for a successful dental implant. During a bone graft, a portion of bone from another part of the jaw or body is transplanted into your jawbone. The jawbone then integrates with the grafted bone tissue, forming a more resilient and secure foundation.

Bone grafts are primarily used to support dental implants when bone density is not enough to support the procedure. They may also be necessary for various types of periodontal treatment when gum disease leads to bone loss after tooth loss or extraction.

Tooth Extractions

patient smiling in relief after getting her wisdom teeth removedOur dentists perform tooth extractions in emergencies, such as trauma or infection. Whether a surgical extraction or a simple extraction above the gum line, our team will evaluate the damage through dental exams and digital x-rays.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

With advanced diagnostic tools, Dr. Gainer determines the optimal time for wisdom tooth removal. This procedure can alleviate pain, prevent orthodontic problems, and reduce the risk of infections associated with impacted wisdom teeth that are left untreated for too long.

Jaw Surgery

Our dentists can perform jaw surgery to treat a TMJ disorder, correct uneven jaw growth or improve the fit of dentures. If you are suffering from the effects of TMJ or ill-fitting dentures, schedule a consultation with our team to get the relief you need! 

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Ready to experience comfortable, comprehensive care in Wilmington? Our dentists will carefully evaluate your smile and your needs to determine best available surgery or treatment choice for you.

Call to schedule your surgical consultation with our skilled dentists today! 

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