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If you have dental implants to replace missing teeth, you know what an extremely valuable treatment option they are for those who want a perfect smile. While implants don’t get cavities or suffer from tooth decay, it’s still important that they are cared for properly.

As implants act as your natural teeth, caring for them is very similar. With National Floss Day right around the corner, we want you to understand the importance of flossing all your teeth, and how vital regular cleanings are to your oral health.

How to Care for Implants

One of the major benefits of implants is that they function exactly as your natural teeth would. This is a good reminder that caring for them is very similar to caring for your natural teeth. There are three things that are vital to keeping implants healthy once they are placed properly by a dentist in Wilmington, NC.

  • Brush twice a day
  • Floss at least once a day
  • See a dentist regularly for a professional cleaning and exam

You may wonder why it’s important to brush and floss implants when they are immune to tooth decay. One reason is that you simply get into the habit and it ensures that your other teeth are properly cared for. Another is that your dental implants may be situated right next to a natural tooth, and any plaque, bacteria or debris left there will affect the natural tooth.

One of the most important reasons that you should brush, floss and see a dentist regularly is to head off any problems, such as infection, before they become serious. Most implants are placed, and patients don’t require any type of serious maintenance, but occasionally a problem arises, and your dentist can stop it before it gets out of hand.

Schedule an Appointment

If you have concerns about your implants and how to care for them, contact Wrightsville Dental today, and we will schedule an appointment for you with Dr. Gainer. Better care for your implants ensures that they last longer and that you enjoy a higher quality of life.

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